RMS Restorations
Specializing in 1930's - 1980's Seeburg Jukeboxes & Remote Equipment
When I started working on Seeburg jukeboxes at age 12 I was amazed. After almost 30 years I still am and I never get bored. These machines were built in a time where quality and longevity mattered. That's why after almost 50-60 years these jukes will go another 50 years when restored! 
9am - 9pm Monday-Sunday
Ryan Seal @ 925-872-7047
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From fully disassembled record mechanisms to veneering your Seeburg cabinet....I do it all. No part of your jukebox is ever 'farmed out' to someone else for repair, everything stays in my shop. I have almost 30 years experience working primarily with Seeburg's and take great pride in the type of work that I do. Please feel free to call or email with any questions. I cover the entire state of California performing service calls, pick up and delivery is also available.